“They will design, build, and deploy your product for the same amount of time and money that * will charge you to build a PowerPoint deck.”
- EVP at Top Three US Bank
*Legacy consultancy name redacted
Kunai was born out of the frustration our founders faced sitting on the other side of the table. Our leaders were frustrated with consulting contracts designed to create dependency and reward mediocrity.

So they built a different kind of consultancy, with a flexible engagement models, deep functional experience, and a passionate team that will out-hustle your current consultancy.
Relationships Built to Last
Kunai has been working with the world's leading financial institutions for over a decade.

Success stories

Helping a Major US Card Issuer Become a Cloud Pioneer
"This is the project that created what is now Kunai. We built our reputation for digital transformation by helping (unnamed bank) become an industry pioneer."
Napkin Sketch to Launch in Six Months
“They designed, built, launched, and hosted an elite rewards platform in half the time we originally planned.”
Kunai Enables Launch of Core Banking System
"Kunai found us thirty niche developers in record time, making it possible for us to hit a critical milestone for our new core banking system."
A Different Approach to Nearshoring
“We don't need yet another offshore IT back office; the goal is to build teams of senior and mid-level engineers that we trust to execute at the same level as our US teams.”
Let's talk about your next big project
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