Kunai Partners With The Players Company DAO to Help Athletes Build Financial Wellness With Assisted Investment App

What is The Players Company?


The Players Company DAO (TPC) is a group of more than 300 professional athletes who work alongside financial professionals, educators, and business leaders. Their goal is to build a community and curate opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge and create meaningful wealth.

The Challenge

Many athletes come from financially destitute backgrounds, and despite their success, do not know how to transform their now lucrative careers into lasting wealth. TPC wanted to create an app aimed to help these individuals properly track their finances, help them make safe investments, and educate them on financial literacy.

The Solution

TPC came to Kunai with a clear vision and purpose for their Mobile Banking application: To serve athletes opportunities to improve their financial health. To that end, Kunai worked alongside current and former NFL athletes to visualize and conceptualize TPC’s ideas.

The Process

To help TPC achieve their goal of enabling an easy way for their users to invest their money, Kunai sought new technologies and integrations to tackle an emerging market: cryptocurrency. Being a DAO, TPC was fully onboard with this idea.

Kunai conducted vast amounts of research to become experts in crypto investing. Equipped with this new knowledge, Kunai built both traditional stocks-and-bonds investing functions alongside Cryptocurrency investing functions. Bolstering these features were a suite of custom-built hybrid integrations that tightened data security and user investments.

While the back-end features were being built, Kunai got to work translating TPC’s vision into an interactable experience. With their expertise in UX/UI, Kunai worked closely with the members of TPC to create a friendly, easy-to-navigate interface.

The Result

Kunai built a fully functional, secure platform where athletes can deposit, withdraw, and invest their money.

With multiple accounts being generated for the user, users have full transparency and control over where their money goes. They have the option to allocate their funds to savings, spending, and investing accounts without worrying that they will lose track of their money.

The TPC Mobile Banking App also shipped with basic mobile banking functionality. Such features include conducting transactions, checking account balances, paying bills, transferring funds, and more from the comfort and convenience of their phones.

Lastly, Kunai built an educational feature for the TPC app. This function launched with material to help users handle their finances and will serve as the launchpad for future educational content. It supports embedded videos, tutorials, and onboarding.

“We are thrilled to have been able to work with The Players Company DAO on this project. It was an exciting venture for us to be able to explore new and emerging technologies while also contributing to a good cause. Everyone deserves financial wellness. Everyone. And we’re glad to be able to help in our own way.” - Tamiz Ahmed, Head of Delivery at Kunai