Kunai Partners With OFG Bancorp to Create Self-Service Banking App

What is Oriental Bank?


OFG Bancorp, is a bank holding company founded in 1964 with its principal subsidiary being Oriental Bank. It operates in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Florida employing approximately 2,400 employees across its locations. OFG Bancorp provides a range of banking services including personal banking, business banking, and mortgage services. The bank offers deposit accounts, such as checking, savings, and time deposit accounts, as well as loan products, including consumer loans, commercial loans, and real estate loans.

The Challenge

In 2021, OFG recognized deficiencies in one of their banking services due to legacy systems. OFG’s help desk and call center operations were contributing massively to operational expenses. The issue lay in the fact that OFG customers had very little avenues for getting answers to pressing questions, resolving issues, and sourcing relevant information.

In response, Oriental Bank made plans to add a new product to their core offerings: Chello, a new digital bank subsidiary. Chello would offer a unique suite of products and services to serve the small and medium business customer segments, offering a web-based self-service banking experience.

With a vision in mind, all OFG needed was a reliable development partner.

The Solution

Having worked with Kunai in the past, Oriental Bank approached Kunai for their design experience and innovative ideas. They tasked Kunai with building out a self-service platform intended to be used by individuals and major corporations alike. Chello, would allow clients to conduct all of their digital banking online with little to no support.

The Process

Kunai’s design team worked in conjunction with the product team to map out Chello and its functionality. Kunai conducted market research to identify customer needs and preferences, using the gathered information to tailor the product to OFG’s specific needs such as 24/7 access to their accounts, easy and quick transactions, and convenience. In particular, Kunai identified all possible routes a customer may take when interacting with a chatbot in order for the customer to be satisfied with the answers or help the bot may provide.

Next, Kunai’s developers and product managers worked on identifying the technology and systems needed to support the product. A list of prospective technologies was compiled to inform future development while accommodating for security, compliance, and integration into existing systems.

For the final build, Kunai designed and developed the following features: 1. Onboarding UI/UX with Alloy, CODAT, and TPS integrations 2. Money movement with Plaid integrations 3. Servicing and help desk with enterprise servicing driven by Savana 4. One account security 5. Dynamic loans with an underwriting model powered by FinXact integration 6. Financial Health Dashboard 7. Automated chatbots

The Result

With Kunai’s assistance, OFG managed to reduce the need of a 24/7 help desk by incorporating top of the line documentation and automated chat bots. Chello provides many core banking functions on-demand, allowing users to open accounts online, digitally deposit checks, and make mobile payments among other features. Corporate users have added functionality to facilitate payments made out to employees, track company expenses, view statements, and more. “It was our job to build a platform that’ll reassure OFG’s customers that they have made the right decision in doing business with OFG. We’re glad that Oriental trusted us to be their development partner, and I’m happy to say that we met and exceeded their expectations.” Natasa Trajkovic, Senior Product Manager at Kunai.