Kunai Helps Major Credit Card Network Improve Sales Offerings By Automating Data Pipelines and Updating Legacy Systems

What is Major Credit Card Network?
Fortune 500 company
Contracted Kunai to automate systems in 2018


Major credit card network (to be referred to as Client) is one of the most valuable companies in the world and employs tens of thousands of people worldwide. Client boasts a storied history of providing luxury offerings, industry-leading cybersecurity, and innovative features across all of their business sectors. Their brand has since become synonymous with high-end luxury and unmatched security.

The Challenge

Client has always been at the forefront of unique offerings, and highly personalized customer service. In 2018, Client recognized a blindspot in their B2B client relations.

Historically, Client has offered a large suite of the same discount offerings to both B2B clients and B2C customers. As an industry leader in customer service, Client wanted to reimagine their offers and reinvent the way they curated offerings to their customers. Personalized discounts and offerings would better serve the interests of all stakeholders– driving customer retention for Client and increasing satisfaction for their consumers.

However, the solution was not as simple as procedural restructuring. Personalized offerings required tremendous amounts of robust data and red tape. With Client’s existing systems, it could take weeks to receive the critical data necessary to offer B2B clients an attractive proposal tailored to their specific needs.

If Client wanted to reinvent the way they offered discounts to B2B clients, they would have to modernize old systems from the ground up.

The Solution

A Modern Day Automation Engine

After an internal examination, Client’s teams decided they required an up-to-date automation system.

With the existing systems, comp plans, sales outcomes, and other reports were trapped in legacy systems, bogged down by manual processes, or both. These reports made up the bulk of the assets that required automation and operational streamlining.

Having worked with Kunai’s development teams in the past, Client partnered with Kunai in 2018 to validate their project, modernize their systems, and bring to fruition Client’s goals of creating a more effective commercial sales process.

To that end, Kunai would be responsible for: Updating the UI and UX to facilitate the customer journey Develop an end-to-end automation solution with configurable dashboards Modernize legacy systems still vital to operations

Kunai’s deep expertise with Salesforce, Tableau, and data solutions allowed Kunai to immediately understand the full breadth of the project from the start.

The Process

Updating the Data Pipeline

The first thing Kunai needed to do was migrate Client’s manual processes onto an automated data pipeline.

Client was in possession of a .xls prototype that consolidated and managed sales data. However, this prototype fell victim to the typical shortcomings of Excel-based apps. Most importantly, this editing the wrong data fields in this prototype could potentially break the entire model.

Kunai took the .xls prototype and rebuilt it in Tableau while updating its cloud hosting infrastructure and backend capabilities. This new system would help automate the collection and processing of sales data and process it into real-time insights.

Transforming UI and UX

On top of updated data automation and analytics, Client also needed to modernize the look and feel of their offers ecosystem. Their existing ecosystem was more or less solely list-based, providing an unintuitive, high-friction browsing experience.

Kunai redesigned the customer-facing elements to also allow for more robust search capabilities using segmentation, text match, and categories.

They also updated the rest of the design to be more customer-centric, opting to design around the customer’s mental journey.

KPI-Based Analytics

Kunai’s developers also went through Client’s systems to integrate new performance tracking capabilities.

Though this may be a seemingly small change, data harvested from these performance trackers would allow Client to make highly sophisticated decisions throughout every touchpoint in their commercial sales procedures.

The Result

A High-Impact Transformation

During the past few years, Kunai has worked on several automation projects with a variety of clients, but few have had a higher impact than their partnership with Client’s commercial sales organization.

Kunai designed and developed a top-to-bottom solution that included back-end data integration, cloud-hosting implementation, and front-end application design development.

Sales executives could now take immediate action on sales accounts thanks to real-time critical data and live analytics, reports that previously took weeks to complete and process were now being fed into the automation engine at breakneck speeds, and the final dashboard enabled sales executives to run models that could forecast future results based on existing trends.

Thanks to the KPI trackers, Client could see the improvements in real-time and inform future decisions for growth.

The new tracking helped Client A/B test various layouts and changes, showing them that the modernized systems and designs increased user utilization of Client’s offers ecosystem and usability of ‘locate specific offers’ feature by 120%.

The updated systems freed up the time and resources Client required to make more meaningful offers to their B2B clientele. With on-demand information and actionable insights, Client has been able to curate highly relevant discounts and deals, gaining an edge over their competitors who may still provide generic, blanket offers.

“Working with Client was an extraordinary opportunity for us at Kunai to expand our horizons and peer into the complexities of what makes an industry giant tick. We can’t wait to see where our collaboration takes us next.” - Sandeep Sood, CEO at Kunai.