Kunai Partners With JPMorgan Chase & Co. to Better Visualize Complex Global Offerings With Comprehensive Product Portal

What is J.P. Morgan?


JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the largest bank in the United States, the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, and is headquartered in New York City. The firm’s history can be traced as far back as 1799. Since then, JPMC has established itself as the go-to institution for research on financial markets, economics, geopolitics, and personal finance.

The Challenge

With over 200 years of banking experience, JPMC has developed countless banking products for clients all over the world. Today, as the largest bank in the US, their continued growth demands that their ever-growing suite of products and services can function seamlessly together.

Specifically, JPMC needed to reinvent the way they introduced their complex array of products and solutions to a global clientele. As it were, the existing system brought it with it more friction than they would have liked during early stage sales discussions. Sales reps found it difficult and time consuming to flip through bloated presentations in order to find the most relevant handful of slides for prospective clients.

JPMC recognized the need for a more dynamic, efficient way to organize and access product information with an emphasis on global representation.

The Solution

JPMC turned to Kunai to assist with designing a customer-focused platform for their Global Payments Business products suite. The new platform would tag products under various categories to better fit customer needs with specific segmentation.

Kunai was tasked with leading the categorization efforts and designing a tool that could clearly organize the aforementioned products in a way that clients could easily understand. A dynamic means of navigating the Wholesale Payments business would help facilitate and enrich early stage sales discussions, allow sales teams to easily navigate to the most pertinent info within a few clicks, and provide new scalability that JPMC could leverage to expand their product line and integrate with other productivity tools used by the bank.

The Process

Kunai began by working with the JPMC team to map out the global product suite. The team dedicated a pre-sprint session to fully map out a product spreadsheet. This way, Kunai’s development team would have a higher level view of the scope of the project and set the stage for more efficient planning and development during the main design sprints.

Once the preliminary preparations were complete, Kunai entered design sprints to create a prototype tool. This tool would offer a more visual representation of JPMC’s product line and offer clients a clearer picture of the banking services they would need.

Thanks to Kunai’s now intimate understanding of JPMC's product suite, the development team leveraged their deep understanding of the customer journey and most likely friction points to design a comprehensive portal. Development teams worked on data models, HiFi design, frontend and backend development, compliance checks and ongoing regulation audits, product testing and integrations, and pilot launch.

The Result

The final build allowed JPMC’s representatives to go from flipping through a bloated hundred-page presentation to pinpointing relevant products for prospective clients in seconds. The tool presents relevant data regarding products to the user. Such data includes things like product availability according to geography, other platform integrations, and future upcoming services.

Kunai’s teams also helped on board and train JPMC’s teams to facilitate proper handoff of the new tool.

With this tool, JPMC can set the stage for complex multi-national organizations to visualize their global footprint and offer customers and employees a clearer path to working together.