Kunai Partners With FortifID To Address PII Digital Footprint Rampancy With Privacy-First ID Verification Platform

What is FortifID?
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FortifID is a customer identification program solution built around a privacy-first philosophy. Their goal is to help organizations unload the burden of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) storage compliance and reduce the high operating costs associated with data management security.

The Challenge

FortifID identified that securely accessing and verifying consumer data was causing unnecessary duplication of the consumer data footprint. Every step in the decisioning and validation process could result in the whole or partial duplication of user data.

Due to the plethora of applications and data sources involved in most financial transactions, every step in the process increases onboarding friction, costs, and risk of fraud and data breach. FortifID created a model that would provide organizations data regarding consumers, income, and small business insights without increasing their data footprint.

The Solution

During this time, FortifID approached Kunai to partner together on developing their new customer identification platform.

Kunai brought a wealth of banking experience to the table, helping FortifID plan their development roadmap with strict compliance at its core. With their holistic approach to creating a unified tone and voice for customer-facing identity verification apps, branch portals, API portals, and websites– Kunai was uniquely qualified to take FortifID’s idea, refine it into a blueprint, and help to build the platform according to their vision.

The Process

Kunai began work on building a platform that offered frictionless onboarding, a customizable identity verification app, intuitive self-service, and a secure platform that accelerated loan decisioning.

Kunai’s development team entered a 2-week design sprint to create a unique user experience with customizable and secure PII data entry as well as an extensible and engaging user experience for clients. Concurrent development took place building out the API platform, integration capabilities, orchestration layer, and database functionalities before engaging in a final sprint to build form builders and customized sequencing features.

The Result

Kunai helped to launch FortifID’s turnkey solution that organizations could quickly adopt. User PII would no longer be replicated across various touchpoints. Instead, PII data stays in place while algorithms analyze the data to recall encrypted strings and characters– not the data itself.

With FortifID, PII retains complete data anonymity, rejects storage of raw data, supports an end-to-end application and validation process, and provides a singular platform for online and in branch validations with built-in biometrics support for device verification.

The user onboarding boasts a frictionless, omnichannel nexus that increases conversion rates, reduces bounce rates, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

The platform also defines multi-persona customer journeys facilitated by data collection, phone verification, and document verification for various types of loan offerings.

FortifID has since integrated natively via API with some of the biggest organizations in the world. Such organizations consist of Equifax, Experian, Middesk, Twilio, Railz, Plaid, SambaSafety, and Veriff.

“FortifID has changed the way businesses should look at PII. Their approach to data privacy and desire to create a zero raw data emission digital ecosystem inspires us. With how much digital traffic the world sees on a day-to-day basis, it only makes sense for someone to come up with an ingenious method to maximize efficiency and security.” - Sandeep Sood, CEO at Kunai