Kunai Partners With Top Five Card Issuer to Extend Development Capacity to Mexico.

When a top US financial institution needed to extend its engineering footprint into Latin America, they looked to Kunai to lead every aspect of the process. From innovative hiring strategies to careful, efficient execution of a security and compliance strategy, Kunai led every aspect of the process - getting fingers on keys in a matter of months.
  • Hire top-quality engineering talent to collaborate on critical initiatives, rather than low-level work.
  • Work with risk executives to ensure stringent security controls and abide by regulatory compliance.
  • Build and launch quickly, getting 'fingers on keys' in a matter of months.
"We don't need yet another IT back office; the goal is to build teams of senior and mid-level engineers that we trust to execute at the same level as our US teams."
- Executive Project Sponsor
Our CEO built his first Latin American engineering team in Argentina in 1999. For more than twenty years, he and the Kunai team have leveraged a deep talent network, a team of operational and legal experts, and decades of experience in digital transformation to mold teams that become true peers to their US counterparts.
Within a few months, Kunai worked with a committee of executives to identify ideal projects, recruit elite engineering talent, and build a security plan with risk leadership. Teams were onboarded and began working on mission-critical initiatives in a matter of months, and a roadmap towards a team of over a thousand engineers is well on its way.
Nearshoring with Kunai
  • Elite Talent: Kunai believes that offshore and nearshore talent has matured to the point that there should be virtually no distinction between US and offshore teams.
  • Technology Enablement: We work with IT and risk to establish an efficient process for technology enablement that ensures a productive workforce and compliant environment.
  • Cloud Support: Kunai is the only consultancy at multiple financial institutions entrusted with hosting and operating customer-facing software.
In Essence: Kunai provided a comprehensive solution for the setup, technology enablement, and long-term management of a nearshore team.
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