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Kunai Crafts an Elite Dining Experience for Cardholders

One of America's top banks sought to redefine loyalty, moving beyond the typical points and cashback. Their ambitious vision? Offer their cardholders exclusive access to elite dining experiences, from hard-to-book restaurants to exclusive culinary events.
Sandeep Sood, Kunai's CEO, encapsulated the sentiment: "We want to say ‘you've been loyal to us; how about that coveted table in New York tonight?’"
  • Exclusive Reservations: An elite curation of dining spots, allowing cardholders to book through an intuitive online platform.
  • Cardholder Events: Access to exclusive culinary events, from Michelin-starred chefs' creations to interactive experiences with top culinary talents.
  • Dine & Dash: A smooth, pre-paid dining experience, removing the need for a bill, powered by integrations like Stripe.
Teaming up with Kunai, the bank leveraged the firm's expertise in payment & booking API integrations, AWS mastery, and robust cloud systems. They designed and executed a cloud-based MVP dining rewards platform, balancing benefits for the bank, customers, and elite restaurant partners. Partnership incentives included the allure of recognition by renowned culinary entities like Chef José Andrés, the MICHELIN Guide, and the James Beard Foundation, and the opportunity to host exclusive cardholder events.
Launched in 2022, the Dining platform quickly racked up 1M+ users, spanning 10+ US cities and featuring over 350+ restaurants. It boasts unmatched reliability, SOC2 compliance, and ADA approval, offering users not just meals, but unforgettable experiences. The platform's continuous evolution, under Kunai's maintenance, looks to deepen customer engagement, expanding payment options and partnerships.
Kunai transformed a bank's loyalty vision into a tangible, delightful dining reality for cardholders, setting a new benchmark in rewards innovation.
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