Core Banking System

Kunai Enables Launch of Core Banking System through Unique Staff Augmentation Approach

A top five US bank was approaching the launch of a new home-grown core banking system. In order to meet deadlines, they needed several surge teams of senior developers with niche software expertise. Kunai staffed the teams in record time and enabled rapid conversion of its best consultants into full-time employees, in order to enable the bank to manage the system independently in the long run.
  • Rapid hiring of top-tier senior developers with niche expertise.
  • Address the need to avoid long-term dependency on Kunai or another partner.
  • Provide project managers, full team-in-a-box solutions, and overall strategic support.
"Kunai did something our internal recruiting team told us was impossible... and in half the time we originally planned."
- Executive Project Sponsor
Kunai leveraged its deep talent network to bring on thirty engineers within a few months, leading to successful delivery of the core banking system to key business groups. Resources and outcomes were managed by both Kunai and the client, leading to tight feedback loops on performance and velocity.
Our leaders have been on both sides of the table: as financial industry executives and consulting partners. Through this experience, we set out to avoid the adversarial relationship that inevitably develops through the dependency that develops through the course of a client/consultant relationship. One of the ways we accomplish this is by converting high performers and leaders to full-time associates. This way, our clients are able to get the support they need in the short term without remaining dependent on Kunai for years to come
Nearshoring with Kunai
  • Elite Talent: Kunai uses a combined approach of a deep bench and strong talent network to find and onboard talent quickly.
  • Contract-To-Hire: By converting key leaders and high performers, Kunai reduces long-term dependency and enables internal ownership of technology.
  • Joint Management: Kunai is involved every step of the way, ensuring that morale is high, that resource changes are handled smoothly, and that outcomes are always front of mind.
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