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Kunai Helps a Top US Bank Become A Pioneer in the Public Cloud

In 2013, Kunai's founders met with a bank executive with a bold vision: to become one of the first large companies in the world to move to the public cloud. The team partnered with the bank to provide strategic leadership, engineering, and DevOps support. The bank became a pioneer in its industry.
  • Provide strategic leadership and training to an organization with limited internal experience on the cloud.
  • Build engineering and DevOps teams that would lead the cloud migration.
  • Create a third-party cloud environment that matched the bank’s intended infrastructure, to serve as a testing ground.
"This is the project that created what is now Kunai. We built our reputation for digital transformation by helping * become an industry pioneer."
- Sandeep Sood (CEO, Kunai)
*Top USA Bank
Moving to the public cloud is an obvious decision in 2023, but it was a revolutionary idea in 2013. We worked with a true industry pioneer, an executive who was not afraid of the initial laughter that he got in response to his idea of moving to the public cloud. By providing teams with talent not available internally, Kunai was able to jump-start the process — and when internal teams were moving slowly, Kunai stood up an environment that matched the intended configuration component-by-component, in order to provide a testing environment that would become a critical sandbox for the effort.
Cloud with Kunai
  • Cloud Expertise: Kunai has been helping large organizations migrate to the cloud for over ten years.
  • Technology Expertise: Our teams work side-by-side with internal teams to build, migrate, and train.
  • Cloud Support: Kunai is the only consultancy at multiple financial institutions entrusted with hosting and operating customer-facing software.
In Essence: Kunai helped a major financial institution become a cloud pioneer, sending shockwaves through the financial industry.
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