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Duplicate Detective: Streamlining Issue Tracking with AI


This use case was inspired by the challenges teams face managing large volumes of developer tickets, often leading to redundancies that consume valuable time and resources. With the Duplicate Detective we aim to harness the power of AI to automatically identify potential duplicate tickets. The process could be adapted to work with any ticket-based project management system (Jira, Asana, Github Issues, Zendesk, etc). This not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the team's ability to focus on unique, high-impact tasks. This approach is special because it blends advanced AI capabilities with everyday project management tools, creating a seamless integration that is both innovative and practical.


The implementation of the Duplicate Detective serves a crucial role in maximizing productivity and reducing errors in project management. By automating the detection of duplicate tickets, teams can allocate more time to solving new problems rather than navigating through redundant issues. This use case is particularly important for fast-paced environments where efficiency and accuracy are paramount. The anticipated impact includes reduced workload, improved accuracy in ticket handling, and enhanced overall team performance.

Kun.AI Process Automation

Kun.AI will automate the ticket handling process by implementing a sophisticated AI model that scans and analyzes ticket titles in real-time. Upon the creation of a new ticket, Kun.AI will:

  • 1. Instantly fetch all active tickets from a specific team.
  • 2. Exclude tickets that are marked as "done."
  • 3. Use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand the content and context of the ticket titles.
  • 4. Compare the new ticket's title with existing ones to identify similarities.
  • 5. Flag any tickets that closely match, suggesting possible duplicates.
  • 6. Once the users have determined which flags are real, the tickets should be merged for the real flags, and that info should be consumed by the workflow for future runs.
  • 7. Automatically generate and send an alert via Google Chat/Slack/Teams to the relevant team members, providing details of the potential duplicates for further action.

Automation Flow

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