Wire Instructions Received by Email - Automating Manual Touchpoints


Wiring funds is a widespread service totaling billions or tens of billions of dollars every day. Verification of identity, authenticity, and wire details are crucial for security and regulatory compliance. For many wire transfers time is of the essence and they need to be processed from general email inboxes.


The wire transfer process can involve multiple human touch points if the information is inaccurate or incomplete. In particular, in many cases this is handled via email or calls to the bank, which becomes expensive and slow.

Kun.AI Process Automation

With Kun.AI we can reduce the level of human involvement and increase the ability to obtain and process accurate wire transfer information with speed. Kun.AI can automatically identify emails with wire instructions and take actions on them. Manual intervention occurs many times during the Initiation, Verification, Authorization, and Recipient Notification steps.

Automation Flow

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