Automating Accounts Payable


Every business has accounts payable. It often is a manual process that requires the collection of data from purchasing, receiving, and vendor, and requires a 3 way match process to maintain financial integrity.


Automation in accounts payable has long been available but tends to be inflexible in its structure. Traditional solutions often demand enterprises to adapt their business processes by migrating to a new platform. However, for established businesses with legacy systems, this approach may not be compatible. Kun.AI's automation seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, facilitating data input without imposing disruptive changes. This has a direct impact on the bottom line, as each processed invoice typically costs a business between $15 to $40. This frictionless automation ensures smooth operations without necessitating major overhauls to your established workflows.

Kun.AI Process Automation

Kun.AI will ingest reports from purchasing, receiving, and the vendor, automatically parsing documents from various communication channels (email, Slack, etc.). It will then cross-reference information across each report to ensure consistency. Subsequently, a summarized report will be generated and sent to all relevant parties. This provides accounting with a streamlined overview of all information, enabling them to approve or decline the release of payment confidently.

Automation Flow

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