Dynamic Profile Generation


From customer service to concierge experiences, people will respond more positively to interactions that deepen over time. If the person or bot on the other side gets more and more familiar with me, I will develop a better connection with the service I am using, which increases delight and brand loyalty.


The traditional way to build a user profile is to ask a series of questions during customer onboarding. This process increases attrition during sign-up, doesn’t feel personal, and is always limited by the questions being asked.

Kun.AI Process Automation

During chat and phone interactions, customers often share information that could be leveraged to improve their experience through increased efficiency and deeper personalization.

By reading and organizing information in transcripts, the Dynamic Profile Generation process builds an ever-evolving profile of users. The profiles themselves will vary per user, as the profile generator will prioritize different fields for different users. These profiles will be made available to customer service representatives of all kinds in order to improve the customer experience.

Automation Flow

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